The Fish Whisperer

The Fish Whisperer – Fish Whisper is a popular YouTube channel created by an American named Kyle Nageli. He earned $1.2 million on the channel. Its diet consists mainly of feeding on fish and turtles. He is also engaged in various types of fishing. He has many viral videos to his credit, with his most popular videos gaining over 70 million views in one year.

By 2021, the channel had over 1.3 million subscribers and over 500 million views. It gets an average of 130,000 views per day from various sources. He earns $1,000 per day ($365,000 per year) from ads that appear during video playback.

The Fish Whisperer

YouTube creators based in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia typically receive $2 to $12 per 1,000 monetized views after YouTube breaks. Monetized views are usually 40% to 80%. This is all influenced by a number of factors such as device played, time of year, audience location, ad inventory, number of ads per video, number of people watching the ad, ad type, ad engagement and content. Type etc. The price per ad impression is based on an auction between advertisers. Advertisers must bid a minimum of $0.01 per view.

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There’s also a program called Google Preferred where deep-pocketed companies can target ads to the top 5% of content. Advertising prices here are higher than usual. In addition to advertising, YouTubers also generate additional revenue from YouTube Red viewers who pay monthly to watch premium content and ad-free videos on YouTube. Here they get paid based on the watch time of their videos. The longer viewers watch your videos, the more money you make. … Guys, first of all, we want to wish you and all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, whatever the circumstances. A big thank you to all of you in our family for such a great year of adding up and growing and getting us through the slow months. So this year we are hunting; Even more fishing with the family this year has been a great year amidst the pandemic. Again… thanks guys, here’s the long overdue update on the run status and summer fish summary.

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It’s been a while since I’ve updated on what’s going on. Not only since this spring, but everyone like you has been hunting for open social distancing for the past year! After a good summer, a very solid spring, and a nice mild/long fall that lasted until today…we’re stocking up and thankful to be here. live and work abroad. . Social distancing wasn’t hard for me because it was a way of life before it became popular.

We have seen steelhead lately and are starting out like we are now… clean, with fish, but expect more to come in during the winter melts. This decrease in overall water conditions is noticeable, but not decreasing. We seem to be living in a longer water period with gravel bars now than we were 20 months ago. it still affects the shores of Lake Mee, and at times the water has been so clear that it has not receded. There are a few less bars, but we’re good from time to time in the name of kicking the pool. In the fall of 2020, the steelhead run will become the norm and fall into a small depression, waiting for you to come play. The first week of December to the middle of November 20th will be a typical fall, but the return of winter can easily offset that as we thaw these days, the rivers are still semi-warm and the fish are on the move. . Look, I’ll be very calm now.

Basically it was a swing season on my boat, I think we caught eggs for about 3 hours during a very busy fall season; For a pile of king salmon, keep an absolute but small bite of egg in September. On the swing it equated to 1-4 catches per day…and on the boat 7 to 11 catches per day; With any variation from 2/3. The colors didn’t stand out and all the new guides, mostly on duty, were having fun climbing over us and fishing the clear water. The fly water certainly survived the incredible early November fish phase and receded as quickly as the storm that raised them. We have been striving for it ever since; On the ninth of December, usually the Gang Buster Steele show, they try for several days, without success. Rivera’s intimate knowledge isn’t just about knowing which holes will work, but where to finish in those holes and on the shells. Some holes favor certain techniques while others beg for it…and most will pass through what is now considered egg stains. These days fish pressure, thanks to free fishing boats, is almost everywhere…and tantrums are high, but still somewhat predictable! While I’ve run several different rivers for steelhead and browns this fall, it’s nice to know that even on PM’s busiest days, there are sections that fish at certain times of day. Many miles of swimming…more than usual in the second half of December when I was fishing as a kid! Back in the day if you saw someone fishing you would go talk to them because you hadn’t seen them fishing for days!!!

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The best flies for my boat are the Senio style fit ones, even the fancy words…well, it doesn’t matter what you call them. Call the name for any color to appear. However, your casting is more. Shout at the fish with your beautiful flash. Be sure to check out Greg Senia’s patterns as a reference for these color fields, but by his spin you’ll know that even simple flash and float variations can add a fair amount of creativity. When the smoke clears it looks like a Mepps spinner and the concept is no different. Eggs are always on offer, those who like to tie a knot and should fill the presentation with courtesy and bravery… When the fish stock is low, there is more nymphing on offer than in most winters, so there is less competition and not only is there a lot of judgment, but also a small number. Many anglers are… and let’s face it, smarter these days. It’s impressive how many people hold two-handed swings these days, and even more so when I see young riders soloing streams, I know those fingers sometimes take a nerve-damaging toll. The instructors will teach you great basics and you need to get up to speed with fast and linear big fly techniques…the euro won’t nymph…because it won’t catch fish, in any form. .. even the bees are starting to work. It looks like mini basses, which is cool…but don’t call it a flying fish. No flies, no improvisations, no high stick presentations and lots of variation at the end of the quest…that’s what makes it “Diet Chuck and the Duck” and I’m sure you’ve read this post before, you’re tech and the city that shit legit sells you know i love clothes. Again, fly fishing isn’t for everyone…neither is worm fishing…in the middle you have a euro and a hook…and they don’t Don’t make me out to be a fly fisherman…EVERYTHING!

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I’m not going to lie…I haven’t been posting pictures as many of you have noticed on social media over the last year…as a guide to volcanoes in the area…here you go folks, about something with a small handle scroll until you find a veteran with water , scroll around start clicking.

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