The Rescue Of Logan Paul’s Old Pig Has The Internet Aghast

A photo shared on Twitter shows Paul feeding Pearl when she is much bigger.

Photo: Logan Paul/Twitter

Shame on YouTube influencer turned amateur boxer turned around NFT issuerLogan Paul, is once again universally loathed after the Gentle Barn animal shelter released TikTok on Monday suggesting it saved his former pig from the wild. Named Pearl, the teacup pig was reportedly found alone in a field next to another dead pig when the group discovered her, with Paul going on to thank the organization for rescuing her according to an email obtained by TMZ.

“It just brought to my attention that a pig I owned almost two years ago, Pearl, was rescued and rehomed by your organization,” the email has started. “With every ounce of gratitude I have, thank you.” The message went on to say that Pearl lived “happily” at the YouTuber’s home in Encino for two years, but he had to rehome her to a horse ranch in Santa Clarita when he moved to Puerto Rico in 2020. Pearl apparently only lived there for. 10 months before being rehomed to the farm “across the street.”

“It’s shocking and heartbreaking to hear the condition she was found in,” Paul wrote. “I wanted to reach out in person and thank you for taking her in.”

Gentle Barn’s TikTok said the group had just received a call about an abandoned pig in a field. When it arrived, Pearl was reportedly found with another pig that had died. Her ears were “mangled” and she was apparently suffering from a potentially life-threatening uterine infection. Gentle Barn states in the video that it was told she originally belonged to a famous YouTuber and was irresponsibly rehomed, but that all it knows for sure is “she was abandoned and scared.”

Paul and Gentle Barn did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

A screenshot of a Logan Paul YouTube video shows him with baby Pearl.

Pearl Bing Bing has been featured in several Paul videos.
Screenshot: Logan Paul / YouTube / Kotaku

Gentle Barn went on to describe Pearl’s fate as part of a power-hungry pattern of internet celebrities buying “mini-pigs” or “teacup pigs” because they think they’ll stay small and make good content. “When they inevitably grow very large and have many unexpected needs, they are unfortunately discarded,” wrote Gentle Barn. “While we don’t know everything she has been through in her past, we do know that her life now is full of friends, nutritious food, top quality care and so much love.”

The Pearl story comes as Paul battles accusations of defrauding fans with an alleged NFT crypto scam called “CryptoZoo.” Poll by YouTuber Coffeezilla claimed that the game was presented as a way for people to earn passive income but was really just the setup for a carpet pull by members of Logan’s influential team as they cashed out while other users lost hundreds of thousands investing in something that had no future . . Paul responded with denying any involvement and blaming the developers of CryptoZoo also for deceiving him. He also threatened to sue Coffeezilla, and accused him of illegally recording conversations with Paul’s manager.

Fortunately, the Gentle Barn is not a CryptoZoo, and it looks like Pearl will have a chance to recover and be well cared for there.


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