Top 5 Metaverse-Themed Movies To Understand Virtual Reality

The term “metaverse” describes a state of technology that is universally applicable. It is a term used on the internet to describe a setting that combines virtual reality with more advanced computerization and technology while still appearing to be in the real world. The plot of metaverse movies usually takes place in the technological age and includes elements such as AR, VR, etc.

Top 5 Metaverse-Themed Movies for Understanding Virtual Reality

Ready Player One

The film Ready Player One by Stephen Spielberg takes place in the year 2045. This film explores the metaverse. In the year 2045, everyone spends their time navigating the virtual world known as the OASIS while wearing a virtual reality headset over their eyes. With the promise that whoever discovers it will rule the OASIS, the programmer launches an easter egg, which he turns into a treasure hunt. The audience or viewer is practically and in reality immersed throughout the film. Beyond what we can see at present, it reveals the excesses of the world.

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Minority Report

Minority Report is a metaverse film that takes place in the year 2054. This film was directed by Stephen Spielberg. It proves that Spielberg is aware of how the metaverse will change cinema. In the film, police use psychic technology to catch criminals who haven’t even started committing crimes. Gesture-based augmented reality is used in the computers and technology used in the minority report. The development of computer systems without keyboards is motivated by this. Every individual is part of the metaverse universe.


Tron is a film (1982) that also deals with the metaverse. A video game programmer who finds himself in the world of computers in the movie Tron meets Tron there. Tron is a security program that defends users and helps them get rid of malware, the bad guys. The virtual world, a computer world outside of reality, is covered in this film.

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Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon was released in 2018, based on a novel of the same name published in 2002 and set in the year 2384. This reality versus the metaverse film explores a universe in which consciousness can shift between bodies while analyzing the connection between memory and physicality. . Human memories are stored on a hard drive that is implanted in the back of our necks. This explains the virtual world because it is a technology that goes beyond the reality of our current internet environment.

Avatar 2

The sequel to the film Avatar is called Avatar 2. James Cameron, who also directed the first act of the film, is in charge of directing this one. Avatar puts humans into a species that is capable of feats beyond what is possible with human intelligence in that metaverse movie. It’s amazing just to be able to convey the consciousness of another person. Virtual and augmented reality, two components of the metaverse, are both explored in Avatar 2.

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With the release of so many films based on the metaverse proves that the public is interested in films that transport them to another world. The success of Avatar 2 proves that people want to adopt this technology. The entertainment industry will benefit greatly from the metaverse in the coming years. Decentarland and Sandbox are the platforms of Metaverse. There are also films that have been released as NFTs.

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