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The US zero-turn mower market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.08% during 2022-2027.

Market demand for zero-turn mowers in the US has been attributed to the growing landscaping industry’s lawn care services. In addition, the number of residential households has increased due to an increase in the demand for lawn care, and the beauty of the backyard is pushing the demand for landscaping services (about 81% of Americans have lawns in their homes). The growing government strives to increase green acreage and raise awareness about sustainable technologies, such as gasoline-powered lawn mowers with cordless cordless lawn mowers.

These are some prominent factors driving the US zero turn mowers market. Low noise technologies are also rapidly gaining popularity as they can be used in noise sensitive areas.

The manufacturers also emphasize the use of ergonomic design in zero mowers. Competition among vendors has increased by developing different types of latest and greatest innovations for different product portfolios. Therefore, the country’s manufacturers are expected to focus on improving technical development and innovation to promote their products as well as minimize their product costs.

In addition, manufacturers are introducing zero-emission lawn mowers, which can run on alternative fuels such as propane, CNG, and others, producing less harmful gas emissions.


Growth of Commercial Construction

In the United States, government spending on commercial construction is expected to increase by nearly 5.5%. For example, in Manhattan, 12 million square feet of new office space is expected to become available by 2022. Therefore, such an increase supports the US zero-turn mower market. The construction of hotels, amusement parks, private & government offices, and sports & convention centers is increasing, supporting the commercial construction market.

Rising Demand for Zero Electric mowers

Gas-powered lawn mowers contribute nearly 5% of air pollution in the US, increasing the need for environmentally friendly equipment. Consumers’ increased awareness of sustainability encourages individuals to adopt technology that minimizes carbon emissions and helps save the environment. Therefore, the manufacturers have also emphasized on innovating their product line of electric lawn mowers across different power capacities. Hence, the mentioned factors are expected to increase the demand for cordless zero turn lawn mowers.

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Transition to Alternative Fuel

In the United States, lawn mowing consumes about 1.2 billion gallons of gasoline each year. The gasoline-powered zero-green mowers use as much fuel as a commercial work truck. Therefore, powering zero-turn lawn mowers with alternative fuel options is an effective way to reduce fuel consumption, thereby reducing harmful emissions and adverse environmental effects.

The “Clean Cities Program,” launched by the US Department of Energy, focuses on lowering environmentally damaging fuel use. Therefore, he has launched a guide that informs the commercial mowing industry and users about the alternatives available for power lawn equipment and the benefits. Such factors will encourage vendors to focus on environmentally friendly propane, CNG, and biodiesel mowers, further boosting the US zero-turn mower market.



By fuel type, gasoline-powered mowers dominate the US zero-zero mower market. Gasoline based zero turn lawn mowers have the highest share due to their high power compared to battery powered lawn mowers. In addition, these zero-turn lawn mowers are suitable for thick and dense grass and get the job done in a shorter time than other mowers.


The 18-24 HP segment dominates the US zero-turn mower market, growing at a CAGR of 4.93% during the forecast period. The significant consumption in the landscaping industry supports the demand. In addition, the growth of commercial green spaces and large parks and gardens has increased the consumption of 18-24 HP zero mowers, as these mowers are suitable for medium and large lawn areas. Additionally, with the rise in disposable income and living standards, residential individuals are investing more in lawn maintenance activities.


According to the end-user type of professional landscaping services, no-turn lawn mowers dominate the market. The professional landscape services of cordless lawn mowers accounted for the highest revenue share in the market, due to the growing demand for garden parties and cookouts, which contributed to the demand for backyard beautification and landscaping in the residential sector.


The expansion of the country’s residential sector greatly affects the production of US zero-turn mowers. In 2021, according to the US Census Bureau, the housing units were approximately 142.15 million. Therefore, it is expected that this expansion will support the demand for the zero-turn mower market in the coming years.

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In 2021, the Southern region accounted for a revenue share of 33.36% and dominated the US zero-turn lawn mower market. The US includes approximately 16,100 golf courses. USA has opened 22 new golf courses across the region. North West, which accounts for a much lower revenue share, is expected to grow at a higher CAGR of 4.79 % during the forecast period. In 2020, the region was home to more than 4,800 golf courses, with Florida and Texas leading the way with the highest number of golf courses.

New York Park management includes 30,000 acres of parkland consisting of natural areas and various public facilities such as playgrounds, basketball courts, picnic lawns, boardwalks, and others. Thus, such investment is supporting the demand for zero-emission mowers. The development of the hotel industry in California is expected to increase green spaces around these facilities. More than 51 hotels were built in the state in H1 2021, and another 1,200 hotels are now under development. Thus, such expansion in the hotel industry is helping to grow the US zero shift mower market a lot.


There are many vendors in the US zero turn mowers market: Deere & Company, Husqvarna Group, KUBOTA Corporation, STIGA, ARIENS CO., and others. There is real competition for market share among vendors, resulting from mergers and acquisitions. The mergers and acquisitions help to develop and improve our product offering so that they are competitive in the growing market. Due to the rising trend of using low carbon energy sources, market leaders are emphasizing the adoption of energy efficient products.

Manufacturers emphasize efficient ways of introducing new goods to be produced, assembled and sold while satisfying the various needs and wants of customers. In addition, companies are running various marketing campaigns to attract and retain clients. For example, Deere & Co. the Green Fever sales event and offers the GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards program to add value by offering promotions and discounts. It also provides MORE STOP flexible leasing programs.

Key Vendors

  • Deere & Company
  • Honda
  • Husqvarna Group
  • Kubota Corporation
  • MTD products
  • The Toro Company

Other Prominent Sellers

  • Ariens Company
  • Altoz
  • Bad Boy Clippers
  • Bobcat Company
  • Briggs & Stratton
  • Chervon Group
  • Greenworks tools
  • IHI Shibaura Machinery Corporation
  • Mayville Metallurgy
  • Stanley Black & Decker
  • Swisher Inc
  • The Wren Body
  • Techtronic Industries
  • Wright Manufacturing
  • Yangzhou Weibang Garden
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Main Topics Covered:

1 Research Methodology

2 Research Objectives

3 Research Process

4 Scope & Cover
4.1 Definition of the Market
4.2 Base Year
4.3 Scope of the Study
4.4 Market Segmentation

5 Report Assumptions & Caveats
5.1 Key Caves
5.2 Currency Conversion
5.3 Market Derivation

6 A glance at the market

7 Premium Insights
7.1 Future Market Trends and Opportunities
7.1.1 Growth of Commercial Construction
7.1.2 Increased Demand for Zero Turn Lawn Mowers
7.1.3 Transition to Alternative Fuel Options
7.2 Segmentation Analysis
7.3 Market Items
7.4 Competitive Landscape

8 Introduction
8.1 New Product Launches
8.2 The history of zero lawnmowers
8.3 Gasoline Price Trend
8.4 V/S Commercial Residential Non-Turning Lawn Mowers
8.5 Components, Raw Materials & Manufacturing Process
8.6 Value Chain Analysis
8.7 Impact of Covid-19

9 Market Opportunities & Trends
9.1 Development of Smart Cities
9.2 Switching to Alternative Fuel Options
9.3 The Growing Landscaping Industry

10 Market Growth Enablers
10.1 Increasing the Number of Golf Courses
10.2 Growth of Commercial Construction
10.3 Focus on Promotional Strategies

11 Market Restrictions
11.1 Growth in the Use of Artificial Grass
11.2 Further Draft Cases
11.3 Pollution by Zero Turn Gasoline Lawnmowers

12 Market Landscape
12.1 Market Overview
12.2 Market by Region
12.3 Five Forces Analysis

13 Type of Fuel
13.1 Market Capture & Growth Engine (Value)
13.2 Market Capture & Growth Engine (Volume)
13.3 Market Overview
13.4 Gas Power
13.5 Electric Wireless/Battery-Powered
13.6 Powered Propane

14 End User
14.1 Market Capture & Growth Engine (Value)
14.2 Market Capture & Growth Engine (Volume)
14.3 Market Overview
14.4 Professional Landscaping Services
14.5 Golf Courses & Other Sports Venues
14.6 Resident
14.7 Government & Others

15 Horsepower
15.1 Market Capture & Growth Engine (Value)
15.2 Market Capture & Growth Engine (Volume)
15.3 Market Overview
15.4 18-24 Hp
15.5 > 24 hp
15.6 < 18 Hp

16 Initial Type
16.1 Market Capture & Growth Engine (Value)
16.2 Market Capture & Growth Engine (Volume)
16.3 Market Overview
16.4 Press Start
16.5 Key Start

17 Blade type
17.1 Market Capture & Growth Engine (Value)
17.2 Market Capture & Growth Engine (Volume)
17.3 Market Overview
17.4 Deck/Standard Blades
17.5 Mulching Blades
17.6 Lifting Blades

18 Distribution Channels
18.1 Market Capture & Growth Engine (Value)
18.2 Market Capture & Growth Engine (Volume)
18.3 Market Overview
18.4 Offline
18.5 Online

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