We Founder Circle presents TGS 2022 as the key sponsor, an annual flagship conference of entrepreneurs

WFC intends to invest in 8 startups in the Andhra-Telangana region in the coming calendar year 2023

We Founder Circle (WFC), an early-stage start-up investment platform led by a global community of successful founders and strategic angels, is pleased to be the proud lead sponsor of TGS 2022, a TiE Global Summit annual flagship conference taking place from the 12th to 14th in December 2022 at Novotel, HICC, Hyderabad.

WFC is set to announce ambitious investment strategies at the event, with an aim to invest in 8 startups in the Andhra-Telangana region in the coming calendar year 2023. WFC co-founders Bhawna Bhatnagar , Deo Saurabh and Vikas Aggarwal, who also served on the jury, signaled their commitment to a worthy team. The former will invest USD 20,000 and the latter will invest USD 10,000 to speed up the operation process of the lucky startup.

During the high-end event, startups will witness a holistic networking experience through the WFC Biggest Portfolio Showcase; WFC Investor Meet; Hyderabad Post Event Investor Party; Angel Masterclass; Main stage Sessions; The TiE Women Global Conclave and TGS 100. The event will also give startup founders an exclusive opportunity to meet in person with We Founder Circle’s founders, investors, partners and Founder Circle’s founders, investors, partners and portfolio startups including YPay, Oben Electric , Lissun, PrintBrix, GrowthiT, DoctCo, BankSathi, EsportsXO, ParkMat., Stylework, enable x, KoinX, YogiFy, StudentInk and Holocene.

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mr. Neeraj Tyagi- Co-founder and CEO, Kami Founder Circle in a statement said, “We are proud and happy to sponsor TGS 2022 as we believe it has the potential to attract overseas investment to India. Their approach and roadmap is similar to the WFC model, which is open to all with no membership cost. Our joint mission is to connect startup founders and investors, expand networks, create more collaboration opportunities, and achieve win-win results for everyone. That summit, too, will host competitions for young college-age entrepreneurs to help them develop an entrepreneurial spirit at an early age.

“The 7th edition of TiE’s Global Summit In Hyderabad will serve as a platform for influencers seeking positive business outcomes and aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to leverage exponential technology to improve the standard of living of their communities by addressing the most pressing challenges they face. We also promise to provide a foundation for startups to explore international collaborations and offshore markets by bridging the gaps and connecting startup leaders to the TGS network of global entrepreneurs, corporate partners, and influencers. Suresh Raju – TiE Hyderabad

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CA Gaurav VK Singhvi – CO-Founder and CFO, We Founder Circle said, “We see a great synergy in the TiE Global Summit 2022 as they bring all the stakeholders of the ecosystem under one roof, connecting them and increasing the possible opportunities. We expect a great result in terms of new investments and knowledge exchange here.Furthermore, we are looking at encouraging more potential investors to come and contribute to strengthening the startup ecosystem in India which otherwise will soon become the backbone of the country.

TiE Global and We Founder Circle will organize eight master classes focusing on various topics led by thought leaders and various experts including WFC Co-founders Gaurav VK Singhvi and Neeraj Tyagi. As these master classes are for limited participants, they will facilitate aspiring entrepreneurs a golden opportunity to learn, interact and resolve doubts in real time.

Besides that, 40 women entrepreneurs from 13 countries will compete for $100,000 in equity-free cash prizes at the TiE Global Summit 2022 in Hyderabad. TiE Global and We Founder Circle also aim to provide a unique platform for college entrepreneurs. The top finalist will gain access to the WFC Exclusive Community as part of the recently launched WFC College Fund. Two large Exhibition/Booth Halls are also made available for startups and corporates to set up their booths.

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TiE Global Summit 2022, is dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship through networking and bringing top VCs, Industry Experts, CXO’s, and Top Angel Investors together to showcase the best in class content – from speaker sessions to coaching sessions, marquee keynotes, fireside chats, and thought-provoking discussions on entrepreneurship. The theme for TGS22 is 3.2.1, which stands for Technology 3.0 (Metaverse, Web3.0, Health-Tech, Ed-Tech), Entrepreneurship 2.0 (Startups on Steroids, Alternate Funding, Unicorn Founder Talks), and Sustainability 1.0 . (Clean Energy, Hydrogen, Water, Agri).

About We Founder Circle

Founded in 2020 in Mumbai, We Founder Circle is a global community of successful founders and strategic angels who have come together to push the startup industry and move it towards aggressive growth. WFC invests USD 50K- USD 2Mn worth in early-stage start-ups filled with ambition, persistence, and strategic approach. WFC provides seed funding, business development, and global networking opportunities to start-ups because it believes that early-stage startups need more than financial support to become scalable and stable. It has already made USD 12 million worth of investments in 33 startup deals in 2021 alone and has invested in more than 70 startups since incorporation.


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