When America makes Orwell look like an amateur

Under today’s dark clouds, a re-read Nineteen Fourteen it shows how Mr. George Orwell was wrong to think that people had to be tortured into submission. Half of America (still psychologically locked, tormented and vaxed) wouldn’t have it any other way.

World of Nineteen Fourteen bleak in a way that 2022 would understand. The people of Orwell’s future want to be in control. They prefer it. They feel safe with freedom of choice. People accept being monitored, having their media censored. They think about it all with a sense of the inevitable – the only way to stay safe if they think at all. The televisions seen in their homes and the spiders and spies woven into their lives are actually better. Language itself is changed not only to prevent dissent but to make it impossible.

I Nineteen Fourteen, the government controls and moderates all media, sending events from the past that are no longer politically correct down the memory hole. Today, we have legacy media to do that for us. We can no longer read a newspaper or watch a documentary expecting any part of it to be true. Americans love fake news. To take one example, the truth is that there was no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. It was all made up, doublethink embellished with lurid “details” like the pee tape so absurd that they wouldn’t make it into a B-movie script. Michael Cohen never went to Prague. The FBI had to lie to get FISA authorization to spy on Trump associates. But a large number of Americans believe it to be true, and look for media that sticks to the edges of the story. 2+2 can equal 5, if you believe so.

As another example, Hunter Biden benefited financially from trading his father’s position. He made millions from China and Ukraine selling influence. But the media acted with the full support of about half of Americans to drop the story and influence the 2020 election. Once it was submerged, the story did not come back in time, and it may not. for the 2024 competition either.

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When I Google Hunter I get replacement stories of understanding about her battles with various addictions. Most Americans welcome the upper hand. They don’t want another scandalous administration. They want censorship to clean that up. The government doesn’t have to police it; in America, journalists demand that other journalists’ First Amendment rights be suspended based on ideology if things go off message.

Orwell’s Two Minutes of Hate was when the public was told to hate the enemies of the state, whether it made sense or not. Brett Kavanaugh’s hearings of this were widely welcomed, using the confluence of mediagenic victims, politicians, and MSM beating the crowd. Social media, especially Twitter, serves the same constant purpose: we loved Andrew Cuomo as the anti-Trump until we were told to hate him as a sexual harasser. The good man or the bad man Dr. Fauci this week? Your own family is also a target as white allies are asked to “Text your relatives and loved ones telling them that you will not visit them or answer phone calls until they take significant action to support black lives.”

I Nineteen Fourteen, criticism of the Party was the worst sin, punishable by loss of status, loss of work, and loss of self (cancellation). Although the physical torture part (in Newspeak, enhanced interrogation) is not included in America so far Nineteen Fourteen-style cancellation, the rest of the tools are active. Party orthodoxy replaces the sin of criticizing diversity and being denounced as racist. Entire industries – academia, media, entertainment – are regulated by issuing double plus good anti-racism badges. Most of the media we consume, and what our children learn in school, is filtered, evaluated and censored by an ideological crowd.

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If you want to keep your job in those areas and more, you need to accept Big Diverse Brother, and most are happy to do so. Those who fall out of favor with the Party i 1984 becoming “unpersons,” disappearing and all evidence of their existence destroyed. In 2022, they are deregistered. Institutions do not punish dissent so much that they try to make dissent impossible.

Orwell imagined the need for a giant Ministry of Truth to enact societal control when all the fuss about whether calling Covid-19 the “Chinese flu” was racist and many of the articles by fall in the sky. Make fear the problem and empowering defenders is the solution. The message worked: you have to give things up for a safe society. If you don’t, you are selfish; you have committed a crime against your neighbor.

When Orwell wrote Nineteen Fourteen, he could imagine no entity more powerful than the government, backed by secret police and the army. The global media and its current canine companion, social media, could not be imagined, filtering what we read and providing tools of undoing. He did not predict the end point of global capitalism, a handful of people with almost all the money who could buy the laws and societal changes they wanted.

Instead of adapting to this reality and pushing back, progressive Americans appreciate it. They roll like dogs in mud over the idea that while the government can’t censor Dr. Seuss, a corporation can. They like the ignorance of pretending that censorship isn’t censorship because, at least so far, they only censor things they don’t like. They like to pretend it’s a private entity.

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In the America of 2022, we not only voluntarily accept surveillance, but we want more of it because it makes shopping easier. We spend thousands of dollars to purchase and maintain 24/7 devices on our person that track our locations, record our communications, and study and analyze our personal habits from porn preferences to fashion choices, to all so that Amazon can recommend products to us. Our tracking was first sold as a way to keep us safe from terrorist attacks that never came, then to catalog our societies to keep us safe from the Covid-19 crisis which is kept on the hook for as long as possible. We want Big Brother to know where we’ve been so he can warn us not to touch the “diseased” people there. Vaccination passports to label and reward compliance? Yes, please, if it means we can go to ball games.

We love surveillance technology when it helps catch the “right” people. We fantasize about how cell phone data was used to track people down during the Capitol riots, along with running facial recognition against images pulled from social media, aided by fleeing relatives, to catch them . There is even a do-it-yourself version of progressive facial recognition used to help law enforcement identify rioters. The goal was to put people in jail if possible, but it seemed that most loyalists were just as happy if they could lose their jobs.

As a young man, I visited Soviet Eastern Europe. I lived in China and Taiwan under dictatorship. I spoke with survivors of the Cultural Revolution and torture victims from Seoul’s years of military rule. I’m much older now, and I know when I’ve seen something before. Orwellian? Orwell was an amateur.


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