Why Node4 is supporting the UK IT Awards

Since 2020, many companies have realized the importance of their IT department, and of digital transformation more broadly.

That importance will be recognized at next week’s UK IT Industry Awards, the biggest and best-known event in the technology industry calendar. At the event we will recognize and honor the companies that have performed at the top of their game this year – including an award specifically for digital transformation.

In recognition of the refreshing importance of the digital revolution, Node4 is sponsoring the Digital Transformation Project of the Year category at this year’s awards. We spoke with Paul Bryce, Managing Director at the company, to learn more.

Computing: Why did you decide to sponsor an award this year?

Paul Bryce: The UK IT Industry Awards are among the most important and prestigious awards in the calendar and we feel it is important to engage with the industry and play an active role in recognizing excellence. Node4 is nominated for an award with our client this year for the second year in a row, and I will be presenting the award for Digital Transformation Project of the Year.

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The awards focus on achievements of organizations and sectors that resonate with the experiences of the Node4 team. It offers an ideal opportunity to learn from our peers about their projects and best practices and we are very happy to be a part of it.

CTG: What do you think is your company’s proudest achievement over the past year?

PB: We were recently voted a ‘Great Place to Work in UK Tech’ for the third year running. This is a really important recognition of the great work the Node4 team is doing and proves that our investment in people is paying off. Talented, motivated people can find a place within our business to use their skills to contribute to how customers use technology to deliver business value.

We were also very pleased to win a DCS award with our client, First Response Finance, for ‘Managed Services/ Colocation Project of the Year’ in May, with whom we are also nominated for the UK IT Industry Award. Entering and being recognized with our customers is the greatest reward and we love to share these experiences with them.

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CTG: What were some of the main challenges of 2022 and how did you overcome them? How did your own people/teams help with this?

PB: Adapting to the post-COVID environment has brought its own challenges, not least the need to collaborate in a variety of ways to ensure teams are working together and engaging with customers. In this context, we have seen enormous benefits from using the technology we sell, especially our collaborative platforms. This was most evident when teams are not always physically together, as effective collaboration helps keep people motivated and ensures that customers always receive the best service.

CTG: How do you think the industry has changed over the last year and what lessons do you think it has learned?

PB: The UK IT industry continues to evolve. Organizations are working hard to drive more value from their technology investments, and this is evidenced by those organizations placing more emphasis on results. As budgets have become tighter, ROI needs to increase and customers also expect more value and are looking for the right partners who can deliver a complete end-to-end service.

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CTG: What do you see as the main opportunities for the industry and your company/partners in the coming year?

PB: Opportunities arise across infrastructure, managed services and IT outsourcing requirements. Taking advantage of these opportunities depends on building outstanding relationships and having a strong reputation in the industry. Strategic acquisitions remain a good option for improving business and technical capabilities.

Furthermore, the role of the IT industry is to apply technology to drive effective business outcomes. This is especially important due to ongoing changes in the landscape of key technologies, such as the cloud. While there is a big drive to the public cloud, more organizations are recognizing the value of a hybrid approach.

This article is sponsored by Node4.


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