WNBA Legend Joins Hands With Vanessa Bryant and Daughter Natalia to Keep Kobe Bryant’s Legacy Alive

Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna Bryant were recently honored at the Mesa Grant Woods Boys & Girls Club. The outdoor basketball court has just undergone a renovation. Those living there showed a clear happiness on their faces Thanks to this effort, how many children’s lives will be improved who want to pursue careers in basketball. One of the most memorable moments was when the Phoenix Mercury Diana Taurasi attended the event as a supporter of the Bryant legacy. In addition, she spoke about the dedication and commitment women have to the sport.


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In collaboration with the BODYARMOR sports drink, the Mambacita Sports Foundation refurbished 10 courts across the country. Provide assistance to youth and assist them in building a better future. In addition to Taurasi, fans had the privilege of seeing Bryant’s oldest daughter Natalia Bryant. They also witnessed Mesa Mayor John Giles celebrating this wonderful event with the children and family members.

According to Natalia’s mother, Vanessa Bryant, who shared the news through her social media account, she thanked her daughter and the WNBA star for coming and contributing to such a great cause. In a video, she showed how everything went smoothly. It has certainly inspired many young generations to go after their dream career in sports. As a result of this post, fans and celebrities shared their reactions thanking Vanessa for her efforts.

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In addition to Mesa Police Chief Ken Cost, club president, and CEO Marcia Mintz, BODYARMOR representatives were also present to celebrate the event, along with About 30 children and their families.

Gianna Bryant and Kobe Bryant were honored at the Mesa Grant Woods Boys & Girls Club

Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi were tragically killed in a helicopter crash back in 2020. Since then, Kobe’s wife Vanessa has done everything she can to ensure that his legacy lives on. Providing education and equipment for other people to improve their lives was her mission.


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On Saturday, fans also witnessed Natalya and Taurasi doing interviews with each other. As well as added many interesting questions. “I would just like to emphasize that my dad was so hard to encourage young girls to follow their passion,” Natalia explained.

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“You could be in the WNBA, follow your passion,” she added. In addition, Natalya motivated girls who wanted to pursue a career in basketball. Vanessa is undoubtedly doing a wonderful job with the legacy from generation to generation.

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