‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Making Demands After Luke Grimes Confirms Shocking IG News

Yellowstone Season 5 Cast Luke Grimes Instagram Photos

‘Yellowstone’ fans are clamoring for Luke GrimesFraser Harrison – Getty Images

  • Attention Yellowstone fans, Luke Grimes just cleared the air about his social media presence ahead of the season 5 premiere.

  • People are wondering more than ever what happened to Luke when he wasn’t playing Case Dutton.

  • Well, it looks like fans will get a new look at the actor’s life from the farm.

take care yellow stone Fans, Luke Grimes just cleared the air about his social media presence ahead of the season 5 premiere.

With the Paramount Network’s hit show gearing up for its return on November 13, people are wondering more than ever what happens to Luke when he’s not playing Case Dutton. Well, it looks like fans will start getting a new look at the actor’s life off the farm, thanks to his recent commitment to sharing news on Instagram.

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In a post on October 20, he wrote: “Yes, this is actually my Instagram and I know I’m late to the party, better late than never? I’ll be checking in here from time to time. With updates, but I promise to keep the selfies to a minimum. Much love, soon.”

With Luke’s well-known preference to keep his personal life out of the limelight, his news spread on social media. yellow stone Viewers for a loop. What’s more, when people reacted to the actor’s photo, many of them spoke loudly about how they should interact on the platform.

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“But we all want selfies,” one person wrote in the comments section. “Selfies are great – include some with your beautiful wife!!” added Bill, referring to Luke’s wife, Bianca Rodriguez. Another fan said: “Love seeing your face here ✨❤️.”

What’s more, some of them refused to start sharing messages with him from the beginning of his official Instagram to the show. “Welcome to the party 🔥,” one customer commented. “Can’t wait for more Yellowstone and whatever music you bring us ❤️🔥,” chimed in another. “Our king ❤️❤️❤️❤️,” said another.

While Luke is getting a lot of attention for his current TV work, he has also been involved in other projects. Back in September, the Ohio native shared that she’ll be performing a set of original country songs on April 30 at Stagecoach. After only a few weeks, he was convinced. New York Post He also signed a record deal.

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“I wrote something, sang it on my iPhone and sent it to a few friends,” he told the outlet. “One thing led to another, and I got a call from this big music manager, and he says: ‘Do you really want to try this?’ And I said, ‘Well, why wouldn’t I?’, not really thinking too much about it. Now here I am signed to Universal Nashville, I’ve got a record deal, and I’ve booked a show! “

Needless to say, we’ll be getting more of Luke’s real soon.

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